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Deep in the Amazon Rio Negro 2,000 miles up river

  • My visit to Brazil some 30-35 years ago, I stayed with a native Amazonian Indian family who had never seen a white man before, they were not cannibals despite the old mansharpening his knives each day, thank god i had 200 John Player Specials, he enjoyed eating them !! & later I showed him how to smoke them.
  • His wife thought I was ill being of pale complexion, the water was roughfrom the Rio negro, not too good on the stomach
  • The family decided to take me out in the canoe at night to meet the crocs 3 & half metres in size.
  • A croc they caught & tied it up with a log in its mouth, they did not kill or eat it, rather scary in pitch dark the decided to restle with it whilst i was bailing out the water from the canoe in the pitch dark, when they caught it they put it in the canoe & we had to sit on it rather worrying! A long uneasy journey back to the hut & hammock.
  • In the morning they cut the ropes holding the log in its mouth, typical brit I was standing there taking pictures, he moved rather fast, whilst i jumped up to the house on stilts I have never moved so fast  !! my poor old zenith camera survived tho.
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