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Nuts in Shell

We supply best quality Edible Nuts in Shell  - Brazil Nuts In shell are IN stock  VERY VERY LIMITED STOCK WILL BE SOLD OUT SOON !!!

  • Almonds Peerless have a nice Soft Shell, Hardshell a cheaper tough nut to crack !!
  • Brazils In Shell, a wonderfull Milky Brazilnut to eat, this Nut has been a rare sight in recent years due to EU restriction, we are pleased to say we have this lovely product in stock in the very short term, all tested & really nice to eat
  • Filberts from USA Oregon good popular quality, we also supply slightly smaller very popular cheaper Italian Filberts both for human consumption, aswell as being liked for parrots & Red squirrels
  • Peanuts Valencia Redskin is a sweet RED kernel these are very popular The the Fancy Type has a paleskin kernel & generally slightly cheaper also very popular.
  • Pecans are naturally polished, despite being expensive still a very popular nut
  • Walnuts Diamond walnuts a great favorite & most popular nuts, Diamond have been a brand liked & recognised a very popular walnut, although we also stock other brands which are equally good, all for human consumption, aswell as being liked for parrots & Red squirrels.
  • We also sell Mixed nuts in shell AF Gold & a cheaper Mixed nut Popular Mix