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Hi Tony

Nuts arrived safe and sound.

Great service as usual.

Stay safe.

Kind regards Mike

27/05/20 MIKE

Thank you Tony.

Arrived yesterday lunchtime. Excellent service as always. 


20/05/20 david

thanks tony - we got the nuts a couple of days ago - outstandingly brilliant service!

 many thanks, Julie 

24/04/20 Julie

Order arrived on Thursday,many thanks and all the best to you all

Mario and squirrels

03/04/20 mario

Thank you Tony, walnuts arrived safely today - great service as usual despite the difficulties!

 Things will get worse but my gut feeling is it won't be as bad as some are fearing.

 Hope you keep well and the business prospers, Jeremy


17/03/20 Jeremy

Thank you, Tonny.

 Great service, as always.


15/02/20 julie

Tony You are wonderful! Thank you!

I work every day too. Because it's not work! It's my life! 

Squirrels keep me going!

Thank you so much. Try and get a wee bit of a break and some relaxation! Easier said than done,  

Absolutely they did! Can't thank you enough! I think the shells will always be favourite, good for their teeth and they bury them. But they stop for a snack ever now and again and were munching the nut pieces. Seemed really happy. I was just about to email to say thank you, and I found another pic.

Really grateful to you. I also posted a thank you on twitter/fb with a link to your website.

 Thanks again for everything. Vicki

12/08/18 Vicki

21/09/18            Hi Tony,

Just wanted to say thanks - got our order this morning.

Really happy with your service. :)

 Best wishes. Julie


20/09/18             Hi there

Order arrived yesterday, thank you for the wonderful service, as always.

Wonderful! Thank you. Vicki


17/09/18            Thanks as always Tony.

Kind regards Philip


07/09/18            Aw thank you very much!! He’s loving them!! 

Tico  is alongside hyacinth royalty    Gabrielle


31/08/18            Tony

the Nuts arrived yesterday, Thanks again for your excellent service.



30/08/18            Tony

 arrived safely Wed. Saving money always nice,. Thanks for those photos - incredibly cute! Best regards, Jeremy


12/08/18 to 21/09/18


Two or three Xmases ago walnuts in the shell for sale, I tried them and discovered how good walnuts in the shell can be.  In subsequent years they did not offer walnuts. I later found some sources on Amazon but they varied tremendously in quality. This winter while browsing in Borough  market I found Diamond walnuts. But they have now run out, so I searched Ebay and spotted your company name, googled and the rest is history!

My need for a greater supply of walnuts increased when my son discovered them on the kitchen table and began to include them in his daily diet, consuming much more than me. 

Your Web site was helpful, and easy to use: the friendly tone of the letters from customers section encouraged me to email you. 

 Best Regards, Jim

Jim 28/02/2017
Nuts have arrive,
efficient as usual.

Thanks very much! - Chris
Chris - 17/01/2017

 Nuts arrived safely this morning Super service,

much appreciated Kindest regards Ian 

IAN - 31/01/2017


I actually found your name on a bag that was sold to me
by a wholesaler!

It's always for human use in our case.

Website was easy
enough to use. No problems -

liked the paypal option
as we are online sellers. No other issues. All good.

Oliver - 07/12/2016

Hi Tony
I hope the following feedback is useful

We are lucky enough to have at least 4 red squirrels visiting us. They were displaced by forestry work during the summer and we started by just feeding them Monkey Nuts. We did some research on the internet that suggested we needed to vary this so when the local supermarket was doing Hazelnuts for Halloween and mixed nuts for Christmas (both in nets). we bought up the excess when they were being sold off but ran out last week!

Having seen how much the squirrels liked the mixed nuts (it is great fun seeing them hunting for the walnuts under a mixture of others) we decided we needed to get more. As we are already buying Monkey Nuts in bulk it was logical to look for mixed nuts in bulk. I had a couple of attempts googling before I came across your website.

Once on your site I found it attractive and easy to use. It was a toss up whether to just use PayPal but I'm glad I went down the order form route (not just for the discount). I felt the process was more personal and it also meant that I got to know what was happening which isn't always the case. Your emails re delivery were informative and accurate.

I have bookmarked your site as I expect to be a repeat customer. I am happy for you to use any of the above on your testimonials page.

Kindest regards
----Original message----

2nd March 16


Human consumption, nuts in shells completely disappear from the shops after Christmas & my grandkids consume them like they're going out of fashion.
These aren't quite as pretty as the supermarket ones but taste fine.

It's quite cheap in bulk though as fairly small bags in a supermarkets cost a couple of quid

I was looking on the internet & spotted you.

You weren't on the first page, there were a few others with out of stock etc.

The website was a bit fiddly especially on a tablet, probably fine on a PC

Regards Chris

9th Feb 2016
I'm using peanuts in Baklava that is middle eastern sweet.I
found your company in google and
i'm very happy to make order on your website because you dispached very fast.
Thank you
14th July 2015

Thanks Tony,
I received nuts yesterday in perfect condition.
I have passed your details onto another wildlife friend who also buys nuts in bulk.

1....used for animal and human consumption.

2... Google search

3... Very easy to use website.

4.... informative and clear website.

Thanks Will be buying again !!


Lynn 9th July 2015
Hi Tony, 
just would like to inform you that parcel already arrived
very nice prompt service, will recommend AF Nuts to my contacts :) 
Isadora - 9th June 15

superb as ever my squirrels give it 6 out of 5

Peter dec 14
Hi tony 
The nuts will be shared out among my parrots and a friends I found your walnuts advertised on eBay never heard of you before
previously purchase them elsewhere but they overpriced so will be doing more business with you from now on
Thank you
Lee - 22/09/14
06/08/14 - Hi Tony.
What a service you offer. Nuts arrived at 11am.
Thanks again for the help, it's very much appreciated.

Hi tony. I found the website easy to use and lastly I received the nuts today. Its been a pleasure doing business with you and will for sure be coming back. Kind regards

Nuts arrived today, prompt as ever. thanks very much!

Hi Tony,

First, the walnuts arrived today safely - thanks for your usual excellent service!

They are mainly for pet consumption, with some for wild visitors (animals I mean!), and some do get eaten by us humans.

I first found you many years ago by a Web search, but "re-found" you a couple of years ago by ebay search.

Your web site is informative, but I have always found the payment method a bit tricky - though you have obviously been changing that a lot recently. To me, Paypal seems  the easiest to use and I tend to go for online purchases where Paypal is available.

You are a Godsend for us with your great prices compared to some other online sellers, and very quick deliveries. Please never think of giving up the business!  Best regards, Jeremy 


Web site is easy to use, with no problems.

Could be more clear on delivery being included.

I was unsure at first. I found your web site with google but it was a way down the list. I tried ebay to start with, Went with you mainly on price, and also the look of the web

Peter P
31/01/14 - thank you my squirrels give you a big thumbs up -

31/01/14 - Hello tony

Nuts arrived safely this afternoon.
Thank you for your ever-efficient service, and have a great 2014.

Best regards, Jeremy
20/01/14 - "Good price, good quality, excellent communications"

31/12/13 - First class sevice


12/12/2013 Thanks for your call (and general attention to service as usual). The nuts arrived just now. thanks again!


Delivery arrived thank you very much quality is excellent & as described,

great service.  thanks again regards 


"Hi . The nuts have arrived all present and correct. Thank you for the quick service. Regards"


Dear Tony, once again thank you

for excellent service, the macaws will be happy once again - from

Helen the can queen

"Nuts arrived today. Thanks again excellent service as always!"


"All arrived in good order. Many Thanks"


"The nuts arrived yesterday morning, excellent . Thanks for the help."


"The nuts were of the good quality the seller pre-confirmed!"


Pallet received yesterday morning, thank you. service with a smile. 


"First class sevice, fantastic quality, thanks"


11/06/13 - "Superb item, brill value. Great seller. Buy with confidence"


09/10/13 - "Great seller, exactly as described and super speedy delivery. Thanks"