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Welcome to AF Nuts t/a A Farndell

Eat more Nuts & Dried Fruits - for Good Health

We are Importers & Exporters of Edible Nuts in Shell, Edible nut Kernels & Dried fruits.

** Aswell as wholesale container / pallet quantities, see our shop for smaller orders !!  ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE EDIBLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

We are wholesale Suppliers to Packers, Confectioners, Health Food, wholesalers & many other outlets in the UK & some parts of Europe, supplying the Raw Products, some processed, Roasted & Pre-packed to our customers, we are proud of the quality of products we supply, most of our business is repeat orders which is a testament to the trust our customers have in us.

Some of our products include: Nuts in Shell > Diamond Walnuts, Soft shell Peerless Almonds, Filberts <Hazelnuts>, Valencia Redskin & Fancy Peanuts, Mixed Nuts & Polished Pecans.

Kernels/Fruit : Brazils, Cashews Raw & Roasted, Walnuts, Almonds, Apricots, Banana Chips, Cranberries, Prunes &  Raisins are amongst the range of products we supply.

We are also suppliers to pet food markets, aswell as Parrot & Macaw Breeders, also suppliers for Red Squirrel conservations.