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Filberts in shell

Filberts in shell
The native Red Squirrel population is under threat from the more aggressive American Grey, which is successfully competing for habitat and food. The Greys debark mature trees, killing the tree. They are also able to digest fruit, buds and flowers whilst they are still "green" & in the unripe state, which the Red Squirrel cannot do. This results in a shortage of ripe and mature food later in the season when the Reds are able to feed. The final and possibly most serious influence the American Grey has over its Red cousin is its immunity to the squirrelpox disease of which it is an immune carrier. Within 15 days of a Red coming into contact with a Grey carrying the virus - the Red will be dead.

in Muirhead, on the outskirts of Dundee (Scotland) in a small woodland enclave, Jimmie & Rosie feed & care for the Reds in their natural habitat.

a husband & wife team who are committed to helping this endangered species keep a firm foothold in the North East of Scotland. There are now only c.120,000 native Red Squirrels left in the UK, with an estimated 3,000,000 American Greys competing for the same food and habitat.

Together with help from friends & neighbours they help protect this endangered species by maintaining a relatively secure breeding area, providing sanctuary from predating domestic pets & controlling other animal & environmental threats where possible. The money to do this is raised by selling calendars each year
featuring photographs of Red Squirrels & other resident and migrating wildlife that inhabit their woodland garden
to order calendars go to wesite >>
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