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Brazils 24x 200g

Whole Grade Brazil kernels

Whole Brazil Kernels are the < Brazils without shell >

  • Amazonian Brazilnuts - Originate from the Amazon in Brazil & Bolivia, The Whole Grades we supply are normally Medium or Largesometimes Midget sizes.
  • Brazils are high in Selenium 
  • Brazil nuts are known to have the highest concentration of selenium !!
  • more than 2,500 times than any other edible nuts, 
  • Selenium is a very powerful antioxidant, this has been proven to
  • protect against Heart disease, & cancer like prostrate cancer.
  • Selenium reduces the ageing process & stimulates the immune system,
  • Brazils are well known for the good source of fibres & minerals,
  • like phosphorus, copper & iron.
    If you want to help the world enviroment
    Eat more Brazils to protect the Amazon Rain Forests !!
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