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Dates Deglet Nour - 2kg

Dates 2kg Deglet Nour

Dates Deglet Nour 2kg 

Dates, which originated in the Persian Gulf, have been cultivated since 4000 BC. At that time, the Chaldeans and Bedouins considered the date palm to be a "tree of life", since the date formed the basis of their diets.

The Deglet Noor date is the variety that is most appreciated for its superior quality and uniquely honeyed taste. It is traditionally called the "finger of light" for its translucent colour, its smooth appearance and its elegant form.

Dates are a source of dietary fibre and, thanks to their high carbohydrate content, are high energy fruits that are easy to eat and convenient to keep to hand. They can be eaten fresh or dried.

Our Deglet Noor dates come from Tunisia and Algeria. On the fringe of the desert, in the palm groves of Kebili and Tozeur, one-of-a-kind conditions are in place that make Tunisia the No. 1 exporter of Deglet Noor dates.

Algeria, the No. 1 producer, is the emblematic country and undoubtedly the origin of this date palm cultivar. We harvest our dates there from the Tolga palm grove, regarded as having the best quality of Deglet Noor dates.

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